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IIVCI is a modified version of IUI that can be safely performed at home, under the supervision of our Reproductive Scientists. This procedure enables the sperm to bypass hostile cervical environments which is a common factor in women over 40.


IVCI also places the sperm in the correct position to enable the sperm to travel in the most efficient and direct pathway.


It is also effective for women with endometriosis, as well as male factor fertility issues such as low motility and low sperm count.


Your specialist will advise if this treatment will be beneficial for you.


This treatment can be used with Donor Fresh Sperm or Frozen Donor Sperm.

Ovainduct is an adjunct treatment and is the first ovulation induction treatment that gently induces using safe amino peptides to induce superovulation and can be completed at home without the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation.


This treatment will produce one high quality egg and may be added to other treatments if you are not ovulating on your own or your Specialist believes this treatment is required..


Ovainduct may increase your chance of a twin pregnancy, your Specialist will discuss this further with you.


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