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FertiGenix treatments work on safely and gently, reversing slowing the decline of ovarian aging that is part of the human female biological aging process and eventually leads to total infertility in menopause.

Our treatments use  a range of amino peptides, senolytics, repurposed medications, bio identical and mother hormones, micro nutraceuticals, cold laser and prescriptive nutrition to target ovarian age decline, to enable conception success for women over 40.

All medication is very safe for use, and gentle with no reported side effects, in fact many of the medications we utilise are currently being used for anti cancer treatments and many have been around for over 50 years, showing complete safety and efficacy.

Patients report feeling much healthier and their blood biomarkers also reflect the improvement in health.

An important aspect of treatment is ensuring any underlying conditions which become more prevalent as we age that may be affecting fertility or may lead to a unhealthy pregnancy are managed and treated, to ensure maximum conception success is achieved in addition to biological ovarian aging.



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