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Ovaragen is a highly a specialised treatment for women over 40 that are struggling to conceive or suffering from biochemical and early miscarriage, have not commenced or may have commenced having irregular cycles.

Indicators that you have commenced this reproductive life stage, is you are over 40 years of age, your FSH is elevated, your E2  and progesterone levels are either elevated or too low, having irregular cycles, ovulatory dysfunction, no ovulation, low AMH, infertility and suffering biochemical, or recurrent miscarriages.

Ovaregen treatments reactivate the ovarian function at the most cellular level ,  which slows and reduces cellular senescence,  improves egg health, regulates hormonal profiles and hypothalamus signalling to enable optimum fertility cycles like you had when you were younger.


This treatment also focuses on reproductive longevity to extend fertility years and slow the menopausal state that enable optimum conception cycles and a longer reproductive lifespan.

Ovarian Aging Reversal - Ovaregen Facts

  • The only fertility treatment available today that specialises in reversing ovarian aging and slowing menopause for women over 40

  • Reverses and slows the rate of cell senescence, which is the major cause of ovarian aging leading eventually to menopause

  •  Regulates hormonal levels to ensure optimum signalling to ensure a more youthful ovulatory cycle 

  • Improves follicle quality at the most cellular level increasing the chance of conception 

  •  Targets causes such as age related inflammation and ovarian fibrosis that impede conception 

  •   Increases your likelihood of natural conception from an average of 5%per cycle at 40 years of age to approximately 29.2% which is the slightly higher than that of a 30 year old and this percentage increases after each cycle of treatment

  • Is extremely safe, gentle and non-invasive  

  • Reduces the risk of biochemical pregnancies and early miscarriage due to age related issues

  • Patients report feeling healthier after treatment

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