Ovarian Aging Reversal Treatment Process

At FertiGenix, our treatment is based on stringent protocols to give you the absolute best chance of success of taking home a baby available today:


  • If you are over 40

  • Have diminished ovarian reserve

  • Low or zero AMH

  • In perimenopause or have commenced menopause

  • Have been told you need to use donor eggs

  • Have had IVF cycles cancelled due to high FSH

  • Have had IVF cycles cancelled or been unsuccessful  due to egg quantity

  • Have suffered from biochemical and early miscarriages

  • Are suffering from Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Your treatment plans and protocols are based on precision medical science and your treatment is highly individualised, based on your unique reproductive profile, your current ovarian aging status and genetic signature, thus ensuring your treatment is prescribed for you only, enabling the most effective and successful treatment possible.

Ovarian Aging Reversal Treatment Process

Ovarian aging reversal is a complex process and involves intense cellular regeneration using a range of amino peptides, specialised senolytics, micro nutraceuticals, repurposed medication, dietary guidelines based on individual biomarkers, bio identical  hormones and mother pre-cursor hormones .

The treatments Ovaregen and Menorev involves strict compliance from patients and they are the only treatments of their kind that are completely safe and gentle, but extremely effective.

There are seven phases of the treatment process, and all phases are important to pregnancy success.

Both Ovaregen and Menorev  are highly prescriptive and complex treatments  to ensure effective ovarian aging reversal, increasing the chance of pregnancy success for women over 40 and for women who have commenced the menopausal stage.

For Ovaregen™ we offer the program in 3 cycles, including the priming protocol to ensure the maximum chance of cellular regeneration to reactivate ovarian function which enables  pregnancy success for woman over 40.

For Menorev™ which is for women who have commenced menopause and have not had a period for 12 months, the process of ovarian age reversal is extremely complex and for maximum of chance of success, 10 cycles is required.  

Diagnostics is also a key feature of the treatment process to ensure any impediments to conception are treated or manged to ensure maximum treatment success.

The Early Miscarriage Prevention program is critical to pregnancy success, and this also forms a major part of the treatment process.

For all treatments, all priming medication, cycle medication, nutritional assistance and diagnostics is included in the fee, patients are only required to purchase pre-natal supplements and other supplements if deemed beneficial to increase pregnancy success .

If during, the diagnostics and the planning phase it is ascertained that there may be a medical condition that may impede conception, patients will be required to seek a review from a GP/Specialist, this is not included in the cost of the treatment program, but may be critical to pregnancy success. 

Phase One 

  • Diagnostic & Planning Phase

  • Determine individual reproductive and ovarian aging status

  • Commence Diagnostics 

  • Determine if any underlying health & reproductive conditions

  • Treat or refer conditions for external review determine treatment plans

Phase Five

Early Miscarriage Prevention


  • Determine individual miscarriage risk profile

  • Implement appropriate interventions as required

  • It is important to note that not in every case can we prevent miscarriage, but we will manage your known risk factors, reducing the chance of early miscarriage by 50%

Phase Two

  • Priming & Cycle Study Phase


  • Commence ovarian cellular regeneration.

  • Hormonal cycle study commences

  • Commence medication

  • Individualised reproductive diets prepared by our Scientists

Phase Six

Early Pregnancy Phase


  • Handover to your nominated medical professional for pregnancy management

  • We will continue to monitor levels up until 6 weeks and recommend an ultrasound at 5 to 6 weeks be undertaken

As there may be a risk of a twin pregnancy a high risk Obstetrician is advised**

Phase Three

  • Treatment Cycle 

  • Receive cycle medication 

  • Start targeted treatment protocol on Cycle Day 1 of menstrual cycle

  • Cycle & ovulation monitoring

  • For Menorev™ patients you will be directed when to commence

Phase Seven

After Birth of Baby

  • After the birth of your baby, is the time if you wish to conceive again, we recommend you try in the months afterwards, subject to your own medical advice and recovery

  • You may also recommence treatment after you have recovered from the birth.

  • This is applies more specifically for patients on Menorev 

Phase Four

Review Treatment Cycle


  • Monitor for effectiveness

  • Review and implement new protocol if unsuccessful pregnancy

  • Commence new treatment cycle

Mother and Baby