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In the past, Scientists believed that sperm did not degenerate with age, but further research proves this is not case at all.


It is now known, sperm health is affected by cellular degeneration that is part of the human aging process .


Recently statistics have shown, that male infertility is on the rise, and this has been attributed to the lifestyle factors, which is affecting the DNA of sperm - and is better known as DNA Fragmentation.


As a male ages, reproductive hormones, may also be affected or reduced, leading to sub optimal fertility.


Spermopt™ involves the regeneration of sperm health at the cellular level to increase the likelihood of a healthy conception.

Facts about SPERMOPT

  •  First  treatment to actively work on sperm aging and health at the cellular level

  • Assists males with low sperm concentration, DNA fragmentation &  clumping

  • Hormonal regulation to ensure increased sperm production

  •  Very safe, gentle and non-invasive

Image by Kelly Sikkema